Why PoolBids.Com?

Consumers today begin every major purchase with an online quest for self-education.  They are reluctant however, to provide their contact information for fear of being hounded by sales people.  They want to shop around and they want to do it in a way that puts them in control.  PoolBids makes this possible by organizing information and assisting pool buyers with their search for a pool contractor. 


How does it work?

Our highly targeted advertising campaign directs consumers to the PoolBids.Com website.   On the website, homeowners choose a pool style from a photo gallery and answer several questions about their needs, their budget and their limitations.  Subsequent discussions further refine the scope of the project.  A budget is agreed upon and financing alternatives are explored.  When a homeowner is identified as a viable pool customer, appointments are scheduled with 2-3 builders for competitive bids.


How much does it cost?

The fees charged by PoolBids.Com apply only if a builder is successful at negotiating a valid contract with the homeowner.  There are no sign-up fees or dues and all leads are free.  The fee structure consists of a marketing contribution fee of $300.00 per project plus a participation fee of 4% on amounts billed that exceed $10,000.00.  For example, the total fee on a $25,000.00 pool would be $900.00.  The marketing fee is due upon completion of the excavation phase and the participation fee is due thirty days later.


Who will I be bidding against?

PoolBids.Com takes many steps to ensure that only quality-minded, reputable builders participate.  Each builder completes an application detailing the make-up and history of their company.  This information is verified and is used to supplement an investigation that includes credit checks, court house record examinations, and other public records.  The builders that are inexperienced, ill-equipped, and those who are not service oriented, are not eligible to participate. 


Is PoolBids.Com right for my company?

Maybe, maybe not.  PoolBids.Com works best for two kinds of companies.  One type is the company that is satisfied with their overall sales volume and just wants extra leads when they need to fill their schedule and keep the crews working.  The other type is the company that wants to grow but does not want to assume the up-front costs of expensive media advertising.  PoolBids is an excellent way for independent builders to share in the rewards of a major marketing campaign that includes high-profile radio, print, internet, and freeway billboards.  PoolBids costs less on a per job basis than other marketing programs and is the only practical way for many builders to compete with the national and regional chains.


How do I try it?


Contact PoolBids.Com at PoolBid@AOL.COM or call us at 1-866 POOLBID and request a builder’s questionnaire and service agreement.  The process is quick, easy and free.  In fact, there is no ongoing commitment and you may opt out at any time.  There is absolutely no risk!  Within days, you will have a new source of qualified leads.  Save time and grow your business with PoolBids.Com                                                               21FV